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Kala Nera


Kala Nera is the youngest village of Pelion. Since 1928, the old fishing village has been a separate region. Kala Nera was the first place in Pelion to develop industrial activity, with the olive oil and soap industry of the Sarafopoulos bros. In Kala Nera, the “State Monopoly” had its central warehouse, which supplied the whole area with many products, such as salt, oil and matches. Another important feature which affected the development of the area was the “Tsitsilianio” Hospital, donated by Nikolaos Tsitsilianos of Vyzitsa, which was in operation until the 1970s and is now the home of the community clinic. Since the 1950s, Kala Nera has become the vacation resort for residents of West Thessalia and latterly it has evolved into a more widely known tourist resort.
The location of the village enables visitors to enjoy the sea and the beaches during the summer but also provides a base from which to explore the whole of Mount Pelion during the winter, as there is easy access and good road routes throughout the area. During the winter months, tourists can visit the Ski Centre at Hania and of course, all the other villages of Pelion. Because of its location, Kala Nera is protected from extreme harsh weather and road access to the mountain remains open, even in bad weather conditions.

Kala Nera is situated in the middle of the municipality of Milies and almost 3km from each of the three main mountain villages of the area. It is connected with them not only by road but also by a network of traditional cobbled paths. All these paths have been re-opened, and in some parts renovated. Visitors can enjoy walks on the cobbled paths of up to 100 minutes long, through the beautiful scenery and at the end of the walk they can take in the spectacular view across the Pagasitikos Gulf.
During the last decade, the tourist infrastructure of the village was improved, thus improving the quality and range of facilities available. Nowadays about 2,500 beds are available for accommodation. Moreover, there are more restaurants and entertainment centres in Kala Nera than in any of the other Pelion villages.
Public transport is regular, with intercity buses to and from Volos (30 per day). Daily cruises to Pagasitikos Gulf and the nearby islands of Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos) are organised during the summer and they set off from the little port of Kala Nera.
The beach is supervised by a lifeguard and there is a fully equipped first aid station in operation at the army officers’ recreation centre, where a doctor is present. Everybody has access to that facility is required.

During the summer evening, the main coast road through Kala Nera is closed for traffic, allowing visitors and children to walk around the area safely.

Association Meeting

On 09.25.2010 was a regular meeting of the Association to discuss the record of the summer.

20/09/2010 08:50
Beach Party

Beach Party at Kala Nera

20/09/2010 08:44